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Maramagambo literally refers to “the end of words”. History has it that Maramagambo comes from a local tale where a group of young people were lost in the forest and it took them days to find their way back to the village from which they came. When they returned they could not speak for a long time because of their exhaustion.

Located in Bushenyi district, Maramagambo forest cuts across the central part of Queen Elizabeth Park – from the Kichwamba escarpment to Lake Edward and is the biggest natural forest in Uganda. The forest is bordered by two crater lakes named Lake Kyasanduka and Lake Nyamasingiri. This forest is the perfect place for tourists that love hiking, natural walks and nature in general making it a good choice for Uganda Safari adventure into the wild.

There are numerous small caves in Maramagambo Forest like Bats Cave and Hunters Cave. The caves are visited on guided tours to the park, under the general theme of biodiversity. There are so many bats in these caves which can prove danger if you enter the caves without the knowledge of the tour guide. This Uganda Safari adventure in this forest gives you an opportunity to see both the natural vegetation and some wild animals.

The forest is the perfect place for some hiking and nature walks as one gets clear view and sight of some beautiful crater lakes.  The mostly shade covered trails through this magnificent ironwood forest give you a very different experience from the open savannah.  There are 7 different primates that you are likely to see during your nature walk – Chimpanzees – L’Hoest’s Monkeys, Red Tailed Monkeys, Velvet Monkeys, Blue Monkeys, Baboons and the Black and White Colobus Monkeys. 

Not only that, Maramagambo forest is rich in various Forest Bird species. This place is the ideal destination for birders for research and those who want to see a diversity of species among which are some uncommon species like the Rwenzori Turaco, the White Naped Pigeons plus the Forest Flycatchers among many others.

It is the only place in the park where one could find Blue Lakes. Other features of attraction in the forest include; primates like Chimpanzees, bush baby, baboons, vervet monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, etc. Due to its location, Maragambo has a high diversity of butterflies. The bat and the hunters cave are other pleasant experiences that the forest offers, and of course some forest birds.

The best access to the forest is through the QENP gate close to Jacana Lodge, 12 kms off the main road from Katunguru to Mbarara. Visiting Maramagambo forest will give you a true Uganda Safari adventure in western Uganda.

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