Giraffes in Uganda

The Giraffe is the tallest animal we have in Uganda’s National Parks.There are however different species of Giraffes in the world,Uganda has the Rothschilds type of Giraffe which can measure between 5-6meters high with an average weight of about 1200kgs for the males and 850kgs for the females.males are slightly larger than females Giraffes often stay in open savannah grass lands with lots of whistling acaccia plants from which they mainly feed. A giraffe can eat up 29kgs of accacia leaves daily.Rothschilds Giraffes of Uganda

Giraffes are known to be peaceful and calm animals in the wild but will always defend them selves and theirn calfs from the predators especially lions,leopards and hyenas who hide around in thickets and tend to grab the calfs.However giraffes are know to be good family defenders with strong forward/backward kicks to the predators.1 strong kick of a giraffe can easily harm or kill apredator if clearly placed especially on the head.but Crocodiles are alslo known to grabbing giraffe heads in water swamps as they bend to drink some water.But if not threatened,giraffes can leave up to 25years in the wild and 28yrs in the Zoo.

Giraffes have a funny way of moving if well observed.they will take the left legs first and right legs second and when running,they will use the forward legs first and hind legs second thus moving in a Slow Motion move.actually if seen on video,you may think it was edited to slow motion.

Where to find Giraffes in Uganda.

Murchison Falls National Park

Kidepo Valley National Park

Safaris to see giraffes in Uganda.

Murchison falls tour          3-Days Murchison falls tour

4-Days Kidepo Safari          5-Days Kidepo Safari

Murchison falls & Kidepo Giraffe Safari


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