Sempaya Hot springs in Semliki National Park

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Sempaya hot springs are found in Semiliki National Park.  These hot springs have a geyser shooting up from an eight-meter wide hole at hot temperatures is famous for the Sempaya male and female hot springs. Semiliki National Park covers an area of 220 square km and is one of Uganda’s newest National Parks having been gazetted in October 1993.

Interestingly, you can boil food like eggs in the natural boiler within ten minutes and eat it. They bubble up from the depths of the earth to demonstrate the powerful subterranean forces that have shaped the Rift Valley many centuries ago.

On the same trail are primates like the grey-checked mangabey, the red-tailed monkey, elephants, chimpanzees and the more localised De Brazza’s monkey and pygmy antelope.

Geographically, the Semiliki River is a miniature version of the Congo River. The forest is home to the Batwa community. This is the group of people in Uganda that are facing extinction and they leave in these parts of the country. Their population has reduced drastically over the years but their way of life is worth learning about. Other ethnic groups living near the park comprise the Bwamba farmers living along the base of Mountain Rwenzori.

If you are a birder, Mungilo waterfall is the ideal destination for you. Some of the most sought-after species of birds include the black dwarf hornbill; shining blue kingfisher and the yellow-throated nicator are found in this place.

This park provides a taste of Central Africa without having to leave Uganda. Do not miss out on a boat trip on Lake Albert.

Semliki is a very dense forest and part of the great Ituri Forest that stretches in the the DR. Congo. It is the only park in Uganda composed primarily of tropical lowland forest. The land is quite flat, creating a startling contrast to the rugged Rwenzori Mountains nearby. Sempaya Hot Springs is a mosaic of different micro habits which provide for a wide diversity of wildlife. The Semliki River is a favoured watering point for many animals resident in the park.


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