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Orphanage Volunteer Work – UGANDA

Uganda still has a challenge of orphans due to the HIV Scourge. The stigma they face in their lives leaves a gap for a kind heart to come in and help. Volunteer work in Uganda will offer you an opportunity to interact with orphans of all ages from three months to ten years and above children.

The mostly affected children of HIV are mostly felt in rural Uganda where most children have lost one or both of their parents because of the disease.  Due to this scenario, the first born child or the more responsible child becomes the head of the family. Because of this, many organizations have come up to rescue the situation by setting up orphanages.

You can choose to volunteer to work with the orphans in either rural or urban Uganda according to your ideal preference. Jehovah Tours and Travel works closely with different orphanages in central Uganda and south western Uganda. Volunteer work involves helping out with care givers through teaching, playing, sharing jokes and keeping the morale high, feeding and bathing the orphans not forgetting helping with administrative work among others.

During your volunteer work, you can help using your skills to offer counseling services to these orphans as they need some psychological boosting, help with office work by organizing and updating files, you can teach them your childhood games and so much more so that they can feel loved as some of them do not see a future.

Anyone can volunteer in Uganda’s orphanage. If you are a doctor, a nurse, midwife, you can help with the health of children, for social workers, get involved in counseling these children, for teachers, teach the orphans and help out with their education and in case you are blessed with  administrative and computer skills, help out with administrative work in the office where as sports men can help out with physical education and sports.

How long do I have to volunteer?

It depends on your schedule. Volunteering in this program could be two to three days of the week or even up to a month’s period. Most of our volunteers do volunteer work before or after their tours just to give a helping hand. Before embarking on your safari, you can make a choice to reserve two to three days for this project. You can choose to go for your tour and then do your volunteer work thereafter.

Volunteer by teaching

Education volunteer Uganda program is designed to allow you share your skills and knowledge by passing it on to children to supplement their academic performance and development. Your volunteer placement and work will help these children from poor family and background gain quality education. Teaching in Ugandan Schools is an experience that you should not miss as the presence of a white man/woman popularly referred to as Muzungu is an excitement and encouragement to the youth.

During your school teaching volunteer work, you will be presented with opportunity of interacting with Ugandan teachers who will help you assess the curriculum and how it has been of influence to the education enhancement and development in the country. You may choose to volunteer in primary schools, secondary schools or tertiary institutions. Popular subjects in primary schools are English, Mathematics, Social studies, English and computer. It is however different for secondary schools as many subjects including both Arts and sciences are offered.

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