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Uganda generally follows the standard British system of 250v with 3 x ‘square pin’ plugs. However, increasingly, a variety of sockets is being installed so you might find an adapter/travel plug useful. The electricity supply in Uganda can be erratic and in some places power is not available at all, so please do not rely on being able to do things like re-charge your phone or use a hairdryer. Remember to re-charge when you do have power.

Mobile phones

Your mobile phone may need unlocking in order to work with a Ugandan sim card (available for about £1-2). This can be done quickly and cheaply in Kampala with costs ranging from around £5 – £15 depending on your model. The major Ugandan mobile networks are MTN, Airtel, Warid, UTL and Orange.

Ugandan laws & customs

Smoking is illegal in public places and on public transport. If you must smoke, please move away from the entrance to buildings, do not smoke whilst with children and dispose of your cigarette ends responsibly, especially in National Parks.

Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda and not generally accepted. We therefore recommend that public displays of affection between same sex couples should be avoided.

Please ask for permission before taking photos. Do not take photos of sensitive places such as banks, Police stations and military sites.

Disability/special needs

Visitors with physical disabilities may find parts of Uganda hard to navigate. Some buildings are not easily accessible and pavements can be rough and full of potholes. However, with a flexible approach we are confident that disabled guests can enjoy Uganda like anyone else. Please inform us of any special needs you may have and we will do everything we can to help.

Foreign missions

If you plan to visit neighbouring countries you will need visas. Links to foreign missions in Kampala (e.g. Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania) can be found at:

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