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Academic activity guide

Uganda is blessed with beautiful sceneries, verdant biodiversity, diverse culture and topical political, development and conservation issues. The “Pearl of Africa” provides the best range of field study sites for the leading academic groups of students conducting their own research, in different disciplines.

Below is a highlight of the possible activities. Note that not all activities have been put down but in case you find whatever you are interested in missing on the list, please make it a point to let us know on our contacts and we shall address your concern.


The education sector in Uganda has been experiencing radical changes for the last 15 years. These include innovations like the introduction of Universal Primary education (UPE), Universal Secondary (USE), budgetary funding from donors, the expansion of higher and special needs education and the steady growth of the adult education. We are in position to arrange access to different educational institutions and meet the responsible policy makers as far as implementation and review policies are concerned.

Environment and conservation

Uganda is rich in biodiversity and this provides a better avenue for academic investigation. We can arrange visits to a variety of relevant locations and projects and introduce you to the responsible officials in the field. Students can exploit environmental issues such as dam construction, planting of medicinal trees, the discovery of oil, encroachment on park land due to oil exploration and the giveaway of protected land for commercial use.



Many Ugandans venture into subsistence farming. Students could meet the ideal families to discuss the issues faced or hear from local leaders and clan heads on matters of agricultural extension activities and why different people prefer certain foods over the other. They can also get knowledge on food security. Not only that, some students may be interested in touring beekeeping or fish farming projects. We should not forget that Uganda has many commercial farms like milk production, tea plantations or coffee, grape farms and banana plantations.

International Development

As far as International development is concerned, Uganda has a lot to offer in studies. Get and hear it directly from those behind the National Development Plan; interact with different donors on their role in supporting socio-economic development of the country. There are different aspects that need to be addressed through change like from poverty eradication to vocational and technical assistance, from HIV/AIDS to misuse of public office and many other aspects. We can offer you the right speakers and take you to the right places to learn more.


We are in position to provide links to the Ugandan health sector. We can arrange hospital visits, lectures from different Ministry of Health personnel and other stakeholders involved in healthcare, meetings with doctors on different topical issues. We can also help hold focus group discussions in the communities so as to find out what goes on in their lives in relation to the health sector.


Agriculture is considered the backbone of Uganda. There is a new Plan for the Modernization of Agriculture through which it hopes to eradicate poverty through the improvement of household livelihoods. Jehovah Tours & Travel can arrange for you to meet the architects of that plan, introduce you to the implementers and those it directly affects. Students could perhaps make a case study of Uganda’s booming flower trade, the coffee or sugar industries or the genetically modified crops at Kawanda research centre.

Film and photography

The geography of Uganda offers a rich landscape and stunning locations for film-making and photography. These include tropical forests, snow-capped peaks and open savannah, green vegetation. The River Nile, the world’s longest river and its source Lake Victoria not forgetting the abundant wildlife that includes the endangered mountain gorillas offer settings for film shooting. The local population is friendly and cooperative and often offers information and wonderful stories that bring out the better picture of Uganda.


Uganda has developed its media; print, broadcast and online. Jehovah Tours & Travel can organise a meeting with Uganda’s leading journalists where debates on one of the hottest issues of the day or arrange for students to spend a day at the offices of any local publication. Some people prefer to interact with NGOs on how they run their advocacy campaigns.


There has been a radical transition in the telecommunications sector in the last decade in Uganda. Ugandans have experienced changes in their day to day living because of the introduction of mobile phones; this is a huge factor that can compel students to investigate the extent of this influence. They can also notify the challenges and how the staff in various schools have adjusted to ICT training and lack of adequate resources to spread the gospel of technology. We can arrange for you to meet the key players in the industry.

Politics and history

Uganda has had a fascinating political history. Since independence in 1962, there has been different regimes with different ideologies and issues such as democracy, governance and press freedom still leading as topical issues. Ever since the restoration of Kingdoms, they have played a leading role in the development of the country. Students can get in contact with the local government officials and find out about the structures that have been put in place at different levels.

Uganda has witnessed a transformation in the development of industries over the years. There are large and small, producing goods that vary from soap, plastics, mattresses, milk, and sugar. There has been development in service provision like telecommunication and the banking sector. Jehovah Tours and Travel could arrange a day for students to engage with the different policy makers in any industry on their roles towards the development of the country.

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