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This is a journey to appreciate and conserve God’s creation and our thinking at Jehovah Tours and Travel is that the beautiful sceneries in the mountains of the moon( Mountain Rwenzori),the diverse welcoming people and their cultures across the country, abundant wildlife in the national parks and the amazing climate that allows you to live in almost all the four weather seasons in just a short time span. The highlight of the Uganda Safari is the mountain gorillas in Virunga ranges and the Bwindi Impenenerable forest national park. Jehovah Tours and Travel exists to provide incredible opportunities for Uganda Safari travelers to Africa to make a positive change to the local people and the environment they live in. Our programmes are tailored to give our clients a chance to make meaningful contributions in the communities by participating in volunteer projects such as planting trees, teaching in local schools, working in rural health centres, supporting orphans, sharing with the local people, making donations to local projects, plus knowing how different people live with each other in this world,all of which are geared towards conserving and appreciating God’s creation We are frequently asked what makes Jehovah tours and travel different from other tour operators. Below are a few of the factors that we believe set us apart from our competitors and form the reasons as to why our Uganda Safari clients travel with us again and again.

Authentic Experiences
Our unique, original itineraries – be for small group travel or individually created for our tailor-made clients – allow you to take Uganda safari expeditions that venture beneath the surface of the region. Unlike the plethora of ‘world specialists’ who purport to know a hundred destinations, we concentrate on the locations we know and love. We don’t source our itineraries from other agents, nor do we run the same tour over and over (thus creating a ‘tourist circuit’, spoiling an untouched region). Instead, we rarely run any group tour more than a couple of times a year and they are on routes we have discovered for ourselves, meaning we are able to give a truly authentic, off-the-beaten-track Uganda safari experience.

Small Group Size
On our escorted Uganda Safari (tours), we believe it is imperative to keep the group sizes small. Most trips are limited to an average maximum of 12 travelers, thus giving you more access to fragile cultures, better opportunities to interact with local people, and the knowledge you are making less of an impact while there.

Cost of Tours
We believe in an honest, upfront pricing structure so you know exactly what the tour will cost before you book. On our group tours, we avoid local payments, ‘optional extras’ or forcing our clients to go through the annoying procedure of splitting every meal bill. Our tours are provided on a predominantly full board basis, with mineral water, government permits, entrance fees and transport all included to allow you enjoy your Uganda Safari.

Added Value
We also believe that to be a successful small travel organizer, it is imperative that we deliver the best experience we can through whatever facilities available to us.

  •   Accommodation: On all of our Uganda safari holidays, we aim to provide you with the best accommodation available. By best, we do not necessarily mean most expensive but most interesting, characterful and convenient: this might mean spending a night on a yak fur rug in a nomad’s yurt or in a four poster bed in a royal palace.
  • Transport: Your transport is also an important part of your Uganda safari holiday experience. We aim to provide the most comfortable, interesting and varied transport possible.

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