Ssese Islands

This is archipelago of 84 islands in northern part of Lake Victoria Uganda second largest fresh water in the word. Bugala Island is the largest island with a district town council kalangala.

The island is inhabited by Bantu speaking people known as Basese with most influential spiritual beliefs in the region. Down along the shores of the lake is a series of beautiful Resort Beach offering accommodation.

uganda gorilla www jehovahtours co ug uganda safaris source of river nile bwindi gorilla trekking_tracking murchision falls kidepo national park golf tours cultural tours tree climbing lions rwenzori mountain chimpazCamping and catering services. Rooms are charged as single occupancy, double ,triple & family unit for a maximum of 10 to 15 people which entitles a whole housing unit with some resort having two master bedrooms, three bedrooms with a spacious ssese island most of the resort offers the best honey moon pakages with most of tour activities within the island. ADRONICALS LODGE in kalangala town is the first most oldest historical stone building with a district planning since the owner MR. ADRONICO the retired government primary school teacher who build the lodge with the article of great essence ‘the most important place at home once you receive a guest’! he has to show you once you visit his lodge. The interior is designed with old fashioned traditional building materials found locally before the inversion of missionaries in East Africa is of tourist who visits ssese islands Kalangalabase is with the most tourism attraction center.




uganda safari nature walk

A very interesting activity which is usually carried out early in the morning and evening ,due to mystical factors related to the taboo in the myth of ancestral spirits in the region. Most of unique birds species are easily seen during this time before they start flying away in the thick forest .A discovery of a stone age traditional house build by Dr. John speak in 1896 when he was exploring in E. Africa and discovering the source of L. Nile a very old traditional house which shows the origin of African culture before the exploration of missionaries in east Africa .Flora and fauna of animal species primates , monkeys & antelopes historical  caves with always OMOTAKA i.e. traditional definer who is all the time in the cave to explain to tourist about the importance of putting traditional brew , roasted coffee beans & variety of different food stuff to please the ancestral spirit this one of the most interesting activity in the island .


uganda gorilla www jehovahtours co ug uganda safaris source of river nile bwindi gorilla trekking_tracking murchision falls kidepo national park golf tours cultural tours tree climbing lions rwenzori mountA personal drive guided by the tour guide or a group with a big van ,has wonderful exploration like out of 84 islands one cane be able to view 15 different islands with fantastic sceneries .large plantations of palm trees with BIDCO factory in kalangala region. There is also discovery of fishing farm at MULAVANA where by most of the huge Nile perch are& Tilapia is processed and loaded in trucks for final process in main land city for export. Also discover the longest historical palm trees planted by Id Amin dada this is where he proposed to construct an army military in Bugala Island. If you land in kalangala by the ship or speed boat the main landing side is LUTOBUKA but through island drive you can also visit the other ferry landing side BUKAKATA this is where most of trading goods and services are linked to the main land through the ferry .discover a natural small scale ancestral forest with large sign post giving warning and instructions that no one is allowed in the forest without the instructions from OMUTAKA .This forest is believed to belong to the power full kingdom in Uganda that is Buganda kingdom , the kabaka land where the stick of leadership is cut from and there is always endless springs a very cold water flowing along the tributaries women’s are not allowed to cross the small springs only men’s but a cold water from the springs is always taken by everyone this is believed to be a blessings of the touring in the island.


This is done any time of the day so long as no rainfall and strong wind which causes the lake waves, in the island rain can fail any time. With the guide by the local fishermen within the region a group or individual can sail along and enjoy within shores of the lake and enjoy while doing sport fishing with fishing hooks. Tilapia & Nile perch mostly can easily be hooked up especially when the lake waves are calm. Also enjoy peddling through the lake and visit kalangala neighbouring Town like BUMAGI which is also developing with a new government fish processing industry which is still under construction. Building materials are always shipped through NAKIWOGO landing side in the main land with MV KALANGALA ship.


Some of the Resort beach provide speed boat ride charged at extra fee ,where by  group or a couple can be able to tour along the nearby islands like Bukasa, Buvuma &koome each of them unique sceneries .like Bukasa island is believed to be the source of myth& traditional values of the ssese island . its associated with many cave surrounded by big tall trees some with protruding breast shedding water which is believed to be tears from ancestral spirits when they are pleased off.


. There is Resort with motorcycles &sport mountain bikes provided with extra fee or included in the accommodation package. With the help of local tour guide people visit the district projects within kalangala town council like NAADS.project, BIDCO palm oil factory & also nearbyferry landing side BUKAKATA which is approximately 50kms from the main town.


Unbelievable in an island! Most of Resort beach have managed to put up such activity by the use of local available resource materials in island. For metabolismprocess, skin and respiratory services after long period of day activities. During evening time a couple, individuals group can always visit the steam bath and sauna.

  • EVENING SWIMMINGuganda safari evenning swimming

The fresh water lake in Ssese Island is tested bilharzia free.When touring kalangala people are always advised by Jehovah  Tours & Travel to carry their swimming costumes all the time to enjoy swimming along the lake shores near the beach lines.




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