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There has been a lot of debate about gorilla trekking in Rwanda as compared to Uganda and which country offers the best in terms of tracking experience and photography. The truth is that the current gorilla census has put the number of these endangered primates to only 720 individuals remaining. Of these half of them are located in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The other half is located and found in the virunga ranges that is shared and conserved by three countries which include Rwanda in Volcanoes National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo (Virunga National Park) and Uganda’s Mgahinga National Park.
Those who have trekked in both countries Uganda and Rwanda have expressed varying views and what we have here are not necessarily the truth but is based on peoples opinions.

Rwanda gorilla tracking is boosted by a short drive time of approximately three hours from the Airport to Volcanoes National Park where these gorillas are located. To the contrary, Uganda Gorillas are located approximately nine to ten hours drive from Entebbe International Airport to Bwindi or Mgahinga National Park. This therefore leaves Rwanda on an advantage compared to Uganda in terms of drive time. Most clients have however urged that this long journey from Entebbe Airport to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is full of buaetiful scenic views, stopovers at the equator and of course the kigezi rolling hills.



There has been an ongoing debate on what is the best time to trek or track gorillas in Uganda. Several arguments and opinions have been voiced in different avenues including online forums such as trip advisor, lonely planet among others. The fact is that gorillas in Uganda can be tracked throughout the year and clients almost get the same satisfaction. This is because clients tend to avoid rainy season forgetting that Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is located in an Equatorial Forest where chances of rain are very high daily.
Mountain gorillas which are among the most endangered species on planet earth are located in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and the Virunga ranges which are shared amongst three countries such as Uganda (Mgahinga National Park) Democratic Republic of Congo (Virunga National Park) and Rwanda in Volcanoes National Park. And because these primates are highly endangered, clients pay highly to view or trek them. Because of the current price of gorilla permits which are at USD750.00 in Rwanda and USD500.00 in Uganda, clients would love to maximize their experience when it comes to gorilla trekking and the best time to visit them.
Uganda being crossed by the equator has a modified equatorial climate with two rainy seasons and because of this people tend to associate these rainy seasons with the best times to trek gorillas. This is true because when it is raining, it becomes hard to hike and trek in the impenetrable forest because of the heavy rains that make the trails too slippery. That notwithstanding, some gorilla families need to drive for some time to reach at the beginning of the trail heads and because of this, if you don’t have a four wheel drive vehicle you might not make it to the gorillas. Besides that, vegetation tend to grow something that reduces chances of proper visibility and photography. All the above combined, the best time to visit the gorillas is to avoid the most rain seasons in Uganda.
Thus the best time is in June, July, August, September and part of October but because of global warming it is even becoming very hard to predict when it is going to rain or not. The above are just the views of the Author but might not necessarily present the real facts on ground and opinions of other people.
Kindly contact us for more information about warm and wet season and the best time to trek gorillas.


We organize gorilla filming tours for Television crews and production companies to enable them achieve their mission with ease. Individuals can film or record a video of their gorilla trekking experience but production companies will require several procedures for a smooth running shoot in Uganda.



Gorilla Permits


Filming and photography of gorillas for commercial purposes requires a filming and photography fee which is paid to Uganda Wildlife Authority, a body in charge of conserving wildlife in all protected areas in Uganda. Filming gorillas per day will require you to pay USD1000 per day meaning that the more the days of filming, the more the amount of money you will need to pay in this regard. These fees keep on changing so please do contact us for the current filming and photography fees. A certain amount of the filming fee is reimbursed if you can provide a copy of the film to Uganda Wildlife Authority.
As an international or foreign nonresident journalist, you job to film or photograph mountain gorillas requires you to have a media card. We do organize and collect media cards on behalf of our clients who are keen photographer. Media card are processed by Uganda Media Card at a fee and what we charge you is fixing fee for the whole exercise. We will need all your passport details plus scanned photographs to be forwarded to us that we process your media cards to allow you operate as a journalist for the days you will be in Uganda. We have good relationship with Uganda Media Council and thus this work is always done in a short time even if it is on a short notice.

As a filming or photography company, you will need to import in your kit or equipment to enable you get the best shoot in the jungles of Uganda. You need to clear this at any entry point in Uganda be it at Entebbe International Airport. You will need to forward us all the details of your equipment and their value so that we estimate how much is to be charged for clearing. Once this is done, we forward them to our trusted clearing agent who will then help you on arrival at the airport.


As a local based tour operators experienced in the above, we are always privileged to organize for you transport to and from your filming spots, book for you translators, best guides who are well vast with what you will be doing. We organize accommodation for you so that your exercise moves on well.


For more details about filming and photographing gorillas for commercial purpose, please do contact our office and our experienced tour consultants will be at your service to help you with all pre filming advice that you need at no cost.

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